Our Services

Our aim is to achieve excellence in education and care for the children at our centre.  We offer quality before and after school care, as well as vacation care.
The schools that HOOSCI services in the community are:
- St Marks
- Bambara Primary School
- Springfield Primary School
- South Padbury Primary School
- Mullaloo Beach Primary School
- Hillarys Community Kindy
- Padbury Community Kindy
- West Coast Language Development Centre
- Beldon Education Support Centre

Before School Care

After School Care

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Kids for Peace

HOOSCI offers before-school care to cater to families that require early morning care for their children to allow them enough time to get to work. Our families have peace of mind knowing that their children are offered a nutritious breakfast and an environment that provides a home away from home to promote a strong sense of belonging for all children.

After school care provides stimulating and challenging programmes, while catering to individual needs. Our kids are motivated through play and discovery, while we focus on providing support and development of good self-esteem.

A nutritious afternoon tea is provided to re-energise the children after their long day at school. 

Vacation Care

Child Rock Climbing

We offer exciting and fun Vacation Care programs out of Bambara Primary School during school holidays.  Our Coordinators work with their team of Educators to design a program to include activities children choose to participate in… helping to build their independence, social skills and to encourage their individual personalities to flourish.



My Time, Our Place Framework for School Age Care

MTOP Framework aims to extend and enrich each child's development and well-being in school age care settings.
At HOOSCI, our team of educators ensure that your child will receive quality programs and to provide them with a place to relax, make friends, engage in personal growth and develop life long skills.

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Strong sense of identity

As children are developing their sense of identity, they explore different aspects of it (physical, social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive). The HOOSCI team encourage all children through their play and relationships.

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Connections with their world

When children participate collaboratively in everyday routines, events and experiences and have opportunities to contribute to decisions, they learn to live interdependently.
Children’s connect in different ways of belonging with people, country and communities, helping them to learn ways of being, which reflect the values, traditions and practices of their families and communities.

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Strong sense of well-being

Wellbeing includes good physical health, feelings of happiness, satisfaction and successful social functioning. It influences the way children interact in their environments. A strong sense of wellbeing provides children with confidence and optimism, which maximises their learning potential. At HOOSCI, educators encourages the development of children’s innate exploratory drive, a sense of agency and a desire to interact with responsiveness to others.

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Confident involved learner

In a supportive active learning environment at HOOSCI, children who are confident and involved learners are increasingly able to take responsibility for their own learning, personal regulation and contribution to the social environment.

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Effective communicator

Literacy and numeracy capabilities are important aspects of communication and are vital for successful learning across the curriculum.
Children are social beings who are intrinsically motivated to exchange ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings.


Springfield Primary School

31 Bridgewater Drive, Kallaroo

Before School Care - Mon-Fri

6.30am - 8.45am

After School Care Mon - Fri 

2:30pm - 6:00pm

Vacation Care at Bambara Primary School


Bambara Primary School

30 Gosse Road, Padbury

Before School Care - Mon-Fri
6.30am - 8.45am
After School Care Mon - Fri 
2:30pm - 6:00pm
Early Close Wed - 11.45am-6pm
Vacation Care


Whitfords Family Centre - St Marks

21C Endeavour Road, Hillarys

Before School Care - Mon-Fri

7.00am - 8.45am

After School Care Mon - Fri 

2:30pm - 6:00pm

Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days at Bambara Primary School

Menu Planning

Menu Planning

Promoting good nutrition, healthy food habits and attitudes with all children at HOOSCI is an essential part of our daily educational programs and practice.

Meals at HOOSCI are prepared fresh daily according to the weekly menu. This menu is on display for all families.

We have both a summer menu and winter menu which incorporates an abundance of seasonal fresh produce.  Our menus operate on a 4 week rotation allowing the children to make choices in what they would prefer on the following week plan.

HOOSCI  aims to support and cater for children with food allergies, dietary needs or restrictions as well as providing for specific cultural and religious practices.

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We’ve been supported by HOOSCI for a number of years - the team are actively engaged with the children, are friendly and approachable and promote a program that is guided by the children. There is minimal staff turn over which enables our children to feel safe and secure and the children take an active role in setting up and preparing their nutritious afternoon tea. Highly recommended


Contact us

30 Gosse Road, Padbury

(08) 9307 8879

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